Saturday, October 2, 2010

A new place, a new thought

Living in Rexburg for the past year has given a new perspective. Guess what?! I've learned five very important lessons (who knew?!). Pay attention as I explain them from five to one (like you actually care):

Five: Stray cats can pull at your heartstrings. After saving two cats, Dante (like Dante's Inferno, also means the devil) and Mira (short for miracle), I learned that I can't see people or animals suffer. I learned that I, myself, am a softie. I will give up my own interests to watch over someone or something. Call me push over or the cat whisperer, whatever you please.

Four: Finding solace is not easy. Having a job, dance, a boyfriend, and 15-17 credits is not easy. College is hard, really HARD. You miss your mom and dad, you miss your bed, and above all you miss the comfort that home provides. Sure, I call my parents everyday. Nevertheless, the days that I realize I'm growing up scare me. I always put on a brave face, but it is hard. I'm in that in between and as Britney Spears would say (Yes, I'm about to quote Britney), "I"m not a girl, not yet a woman". I don't think I'll ever be a woman or a "grown up" I guess ask me when I'm a mom. It's only after you leave that you really and truly appreciate home and what your parents did for you all those years.

Three: LIfe is what you make it. When I came to Rexburg I hated it, don't get me wrong I still have my bad days, but you change your attitude. I'm a bit pessimistic but as I've grown I've learned that life can be fun. As Adam always says, "SMILE!". He bugs me persistently till I do, but sometimes I have to remember for yourself. Maybe you need to remember for yourself, too. SMILE :)

Two: Small towns aren't that bad. The simpler the better. End of story. I have loved living in a town where the biggest shopping center IS the Rexburg Walmart. I love that entertainment is cheap and easy. I love that I live near the mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and open space (A TON). Sure, call me crazy but the longer I'm in Idaho, the better it gets. Maybe I'm in love with the people who are there or maybe I'm in love with who I have become since I have been there. Whatever it may be, I know I'm grateful to be where I am, a small town named Rexburg.

One: Last and final one (I'll bet you're glad). You can fall in love with someone in the least expected place. I never expected to fall in love within my first semester. I guess I'm lucky, no more awkward dates and gosh darn awful first kisses (yeah, you know the ones where you bob left and so does he and then you just kiss him for the world's most slobbery kiss. Yeah I won't name names. Let's just say I'm done.). In addition to this, I learned it is not about my timing. It never has been. I guess I have to trust in the Lord. That's what I'm supposed to. I guess I always knew that statement but never applied it until I saw it manifest in my own life. I could have met Adam YEARS AGO. I could have met him in Carlsbad or through a friend. Nevertheless, the Lord put him in my life when I needed him most. I don't think this last year would be the happiest had it not been for him. To all my single friends, you may be the next victim; especially, if you go to the school known as BYU-I Do. If you are, I expect an announcement. ;)