Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

So Christmas was AWESOME! I genuinely enjoyed it. It was the year of clothes, coach, and remembering what family and religion is all about. I realized quickly (starting New Years Eve) that I am loved. I had to opportunity to be surrounded by 18 people who love me. We all wore our best and chatted quite a bit. I got to talk to everyone at some point and genuinely enjoyed catching up with everyone. My favorite food of the night was baked brie (sp?) it was amazing!! The next morning we opened presents, the highlights of Christmas #1 (my family) was the dishware that we got from my parents and the coach purse from my grandparents. Luckily, ALL of my family came over before Adam and I had to leave. Adam loved all of his presents that I gave him and it was fun to be able to give them to him. I made pajama pants (Yes, I sewed them with help from my grandma) for my two sisters and I'm very proud of them.
Christmas #2 began as soon as we (Adam and I) got to Carlsbad. I have gotten to spend time with the Figgats for the last two and feel so incredibly blessed to be marrying into such a wonderful family. We opened presents and Adam gave me a beautiful robin's egg colored coach purse. I felt totally spoiled to have gotten such an awesome gift from an awesome guy. I got to spend time with Jason and Lora (soon to be brother and sister in law), Grandma Norma (Adam's grandma), and Adam's parents. I felt so loved; I'm genuinely looking forward to being an addition to their family.
Finally, I want to mention the "true meaning of Christmas". I know that everyone says it, but I took some time early Christmas Eve morning to ponder Christ and his the great importance of his birth and life. I read "The Living Christ" ( It reminded that He is eternal and gave all, not only for me but for all of humanity. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a member of the LDS church and have the sure knowledge that Christ lives. I'm grateful for the opportunity to remember that.
Merry Christmas everyone!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Leaving the decade of "teens" behind...

So I cannot say I feel any older, but I can say that I am officially twenty years old as of yesterday. Despite the fact that it felt like any other day, I do feel that the day does merit quite a joyous note. The day was perfect. I got a mani/pedi combo then proceeded to do one of my favorite things... (drum roll please)... get tea with one of my best friends, Kimya Sadaghiani (For all my nosey Molly Mormon friends, don't worry it was herbal). Then ( YES, there is a then) I came home to not only my wonderful family, but also to the world's sweetest and most incredible fiance, Adam Figgat. I have to admit that I absolutely adore him, maybe even love (shhhh don't tell ;) ). We headed out with hungry stomachs and got Lucille's for dinner. I am not so proud to say that I ate a whole half rack of ribs while there (St. Louis style, they were irresistible). Everyone, seemed like they had fun- Adam loved his fish and shrimp. Then of course upon arriving home I got to open presents. Present number one... BOOTS!!!! and not any boots, but BEAUTIFUL and tall Steve Madden boots (one of my three true loves: Steve Madden, the color pink, and Tiffany's). These boots are gorgeous-- They are knee high, brown, riding boots from mom and dad. AND it gets better... I opened the next gift and got a blue blazer (sweater like material) from Cerissa. The following gifts were two books (Mormon novel and a biography of Thomas S. Monson- both of which I plan to read). I received from Adam my favorite bath and body works "sleep" body spray and "stress relief" lotion. Then from his parents, as the finale... this super duper cute blazer from anthro. I know I am one lucky girl and there is nothing like a birthday to remind me how much people really do love me. Once again, I love my life.

Monday, December 6, 2010

102 days

So if you are around me you will notice that, well... I'm a bit wedding crazy.
I am just way too excited to marry my best friend.
I have officially accomplished the following:
I am having my reception at The Renaissance Hotel in Aliso Viejo

I'm having Flour and Flower Designs do my cake. (I still need ideas for what it should look like!!)And may I mention Davlyn Howland (cake decorator) is the sweetest!

I'm having Lisa Webb do my photos.
and we are having our good friend Natalie Affleck help with flowers.
Oh! and did I mention our colors are pink, grey, and cream. It is going to be great!
Things are finally starting to get rolling and I am getting more and more excited.
After fifteen months of dating, I really feel like I know Adam better than basically everyone else (maybe not his parents). Adam really is the greatest guy and I am so excited to be his wife, forever. If anyone has any ideas for the wedding let me know!!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Lately I have been thinking a lot about the definition of grace and what it means to me. In every religion it means something different. Grace can mean the saving of a soul through declaring the name of Jesus Christ. Grace can simply mean salvation, as well. As I was walking out of local grocery store the other day I heard "Amazing Grace" being played on the bagpipes by local firemen. The familiar words resonated more than ever with me. Upon arriving home I looked up the lyrics:

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.
Through many dangers, toils and snares
I have already come;
'Tis Grace that brought me safe thus far
and Grace will lead me home.

The Lord has promised good to me.
His word my hope secures.
He will my shield and portion be,
As long as life endures.

Yea, when this flesh and heart shall fail,
And mortal life shall cease,
I shall possess within the veil,
A life of joy and peace...

In particular, these verses really made me stop and think, "What is grace?" Webster defines it as "the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings." Being a member of the LDS church I believe that faith without works is dead. I believe we can find salvation without not only the Atonement but also the works that we do here on Earth. Tell me I'm wrong, but I do not believe that grace is simply handed over without any work on our part.
There is no negative connotation to the word "grace". It is elegant and loaded with meaning. Grace is a beautiful word.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My thoughts in regards to being engaged and getting married

First of all... What is my age again? Adam and I were talking last night and one thing that came up is that we don't think we will ever be fully ready to "tie the knot" till the day of. In all honesty, yes I am handling this all maturely (because for my age, I think I'm fairly mature) but at the same time I don't want people thinking that I am put together all the time. I come across as organized and mature. Here is the thing, I'm a mess most of the time. I'm excited and scared to get married.
I'm scared because it is a massive change. In 127 days I will be a) someones wife, not to mention for ETERNITY b) We will be paying our own rent, bills, etc. c) I will be living with a boy (after living with sisters for all these years and five girl roommates... that is going to be weird) d) I'll be considered a full adult. I'm not saying that I'm not okay with all of this, I think it is going to be an adventure. Nevertheless, there are always going to be worries.
As a general "so you know" statement. I am not organized. I am organized in regards to scheduling and planning, but not in the slightest when it comes to my room (yeah, I know Adam hates disorganization... it'll be interesting). Though, when I close my eyes and think about my priorities and everything I've ever wanted in my life, it is happening. Sure, it is not on the timeline that I expected. In fact, it is all occurring 5 years ahead of when marriage was planned (told you I like planning). Adam Figgat is everything I have ever wanted. To all those who are criticizing me for marrying at 20, riddle me this: If you had Prince Charming knocking at your door and your "happily ever after" taunting you behind that brass lock; would you not open the door and let that opportunity pass based on what the world thinks and your fear? I hope you are answering that you would open the door. All I am doing is what everyone has told me to do: live your life and take risks.
I know we are going to be poor. I know that it will not be easy in the slightest. Regardless, Adam is everything to me. I love him and I will tell it to anyone that questions why I am getting married.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A new place, a new thought

Living in Rexburg for the past year has given a new perspective. Guess what?! I've learned five very important lessons (who knew?!). Pay attention as I explain them from five to one (like you actually care):

Five: Stray cats can pull at your heartstrings. After saving two cats, Dante (like Dante's Inferno, also means the devil) and Mira (short for miracle), I learned that I can't see people or animals suffer. I learned that I, myself, am a softie. I will give up my own interests to watch over someone or something. Call me push over or the cat whisperer, whatever you please.

Four: Finding solace is not easy. Having a job, dance, a boyfriend, and 15-17 credits is not easy. College is hard, really HARD. You miss your mom and dad, you miss your bed, and above all you miss the comfort that home provides. Sure, I call my parents everyday. Nevertheless, the days that I realize I'm growing up scare me. I always put on a brave face, but it is hard. I'm in that in between and as Britney Spears would say (Yes, I'm about to quote Britney), "I"m not a girl, not yet a woman". I don't think I'll ever be a woman or a "grown up" I guess ask me when I'm a mom. It's only after you leave that you really and truly appreciate home and what your parents did for you all those years.

Three: LIfe is what you make it. When I came to Rexburg I hated it, don't get me wrong I still have my bad days, but you change your attitude. I'm a bit pessimistic but as I've grown I've learned that life can be fun. As Adam always says, "SMILE!". He bugs me persistently till I do, but sometimes I have to remember for yourself. Maybe you need to remember for yourself, too. SMILE :)

Two: Small towns aren't that bad. The simpler the better. End of story. I have loved living in a town where the biggest shopping center IS the Rexburg Walmart. I love that entertainment is cheap and easy. I love that I live near the mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and open space (A TON). Sure, call me crazy but the longer I'm in Idaho, the better it gets. Maybe I'm in love with the people who are there or maybe I'm in love with who I have become since I have been there. Whatever it may be, I know I'm grateful to be where I am, a small town named Rexburg.

One: Last and final one (I'll bet you're glad). You can fall in love with someone in the least expected place. I never expected to fall in love within my first semester. I guess I'm lucky, no more awkward dates and gosh darn awful first kisses (yeah, you know the ones where you bob left and so does he and then you just kiss him for the world's most slobbery kiss. Yeah I won't name names. Let's just say I'm done.). In addition to this, I learned it is not about my timing. It never has been. I guess I have to trust in the Lord. That's what I'm supposed to. I guess I always knew that statement but never applied it until I saw it manifest in my own life. I could have met Adam YEARS AGO. I could have met him in Carlsbad or through a friend. Nevertheless, the Lord put him in my life when I needed him most. I don't think this last year would be the happiest had it not been for him. To all my single friends, you may be the next victim; especially, if you go to the school known as BYU-I Do. If you are, I expect an announcement. ;)


Monday, June 21, 2010

Giggles, meows, lots of hugs, and wet towels

Today is pretty darn hilarious. I love who my friends are, I love my boyfriend, and I LOVE baking. Today I made my first attempt at homemade oatmeal creme pies. The actually cookie portion turned out wonderful, but just you wait... I went to make buttercream frosting and it called for ONE WHOLE POUND OF POWDER SUGAR!!! So, naturally I decided eh I can wing it. Well, the frosting I ended up with (6 eggs, 3 cups sugar, 2 cups powdered sugar, 1/2 cup milk, AND 1/4 cup crisco) I ended with a nasty flavored gunk that kinda tasted like cow udders. Yes, cow udders. Trust me I made all my roommates try it and they agreed. Anyways, naturally we did what any college apartment would do. FROSTING FIGHT!!!!! Seriously it was kind of nasty and well... REALLY messy. However, I have never giggled so much in my life. With premade frosting the oatmeal cookies were incredible and to top it off Adam loved it! He asked me never to make it again though cuz he knows we are going to be totally hooked and well get fat before we can even get married (because everything is about fitting into my wedding dress). Anyways, my roommate Kendra and I had fun and were especially after our towels were wet and smelled "udder frosting".