Saturday, July 30, 2011

How to do a weekend right!

This is me getting distracted at the flea market. I saw a really cute vintage end table!!

Check out the spoon I found for my mom! Lately she has been into spoons. This one has Napoleon on the top :)

So first of all to report on the whole seven weeks to a better me thing, see this post here.
I rocked it this week and the hubs got in on it, too! We worked out and watched what we ate. We still need to work on not eating out as much. Let's just say that I'm sore from this week and plan on keeping it up. I'm way excited to report I can already fit my size 27 jeans again aka jeans from high school. Problem is I probably need to get rid of another inch to make it so the zipper doesn't pull. Have I mentioned that I'm trying to lose inches not weight? Anyways, it is going good. Next week is spiritual boot camp. I bought Jesus the Christ per recommendation of Adam. I plan on reading that and we are planning a temple date. :)

So our weekend...
Yesterday we went to the Farmers Market and got some wayyyy yummy cherries and blueberries. Last night we saw Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It was rad! We loved it. We were worried before seeing it that that they'd kill the series, but they didn't!
Photo found here.

Afterwards we were starving and went to Ramires and ate bombdiggity Mexican food.

Today we went to a flea market, thrifting, to the lake, and then I CLEANED. Yes, I cleaned!! Our room looks glorious. I reorganized our closet and took care of the pile that has accumulated in two different portions of room over the last month. I have a horrible habit of trying something on and then throwing it on the floor. It took two hours to clean up my clothes. Anyways, take a gander at my achievement.

Told you I had issues.
Have a great Sunday!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's a Hunchback of Notre Dame kind of day...

So basically it is a Hunchback of Notre Dame kind of day because, well, uh... I look like Quasimodo aka the guy above... I woke up this morning with a BIG, FAT, SWOLLEN eye. It's gross and refuse to post a picture of myself. I promise Quasimodo is an accurate interpretation minus the whole misshapen body thing... Since no one could cover my shift, I am gracing Brigham Young University Idaho's students and visitors with a bulging eye. I mean who does that? It looks like a ball of infection rather than my lovely m&m brown eyes. (mmmmmm, don't M&M's sound good?!) Oh well. Speaking of delicious things, I have been denying myself delicious things and am working to healthier diet. Plus I'm proud to announce that I worked out with Adam and we hope to do it again tonight if I'm feeling better. Woohoo! Hope you all are having a fabulous Thursday!! One day till the weekend. :)
That's all.
Ta Ta For Now,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fourth of July!! uhhh. finally... (and semester recap!)

Hey friends remember how I had to gear up and totally rock my finals and final papers...? Well, I totally did and since this is my blog and a record of my life... I GOT 5 A's and an A- for the semester!!! It is a flippin miracle. To all of you who are in school, you can commiserate with me in that some classes, you SHOULDN'T get A's in. Well my friends I rocked Eng 314 and I am STOKED. I may or may not have cried happy tears upon seeing my final grades. This semester was not easy and well, it was an adjustment period. When I got married I knew EXACTLY what I was getting into, but knowing and doing are two different things. So my first semester of married life I'll call a success. I am so grateful and incredibly proud of myself.

Now that I'm done bragging...
We had the BEST fourth of July weekend. We went camping with some friends and made some new friends! We went in the middle of nowhere (seriously, no bathrooms, no running water... it was rad.) Anyways, we just stayed one night, had a cute lil tent, ate nastyyyy camp food, played with fireworks, went to the Ririe Reservoir, and had lots of fun. I could go into a long winded story about how we were convinced a crack addict was in the camp next to us, long story short it was just a convict who had been released that morning... No big deal.
Overall, NO REGRETS!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Seven Weeks to a Better Me [Intro]

Seven weeks from tomorrow I will be starting the second half of my junior year at Brigham Young University- Idaho.
Which is pretty cool, but that just means I have three semesters until I have my undergrad degree, do student teaching, then go to grad school.
That is fine and dandy, but despite how awesome my life is now, I know that I can be even better.
I have a seven week break and I plan on staying in Idaho for 6 weeks of it.
Therefore, boredom may ensue and I need something to focus on besides work and my online class.
I've chosen to make a goal for each week and continue it throughout the remainder of the break. So I'll slowly pile on the challenges.

Here is the plan:

Week one- Get in the habit of exercising again. I'm running a foam 5k and a regular 10k in September. I'm so far from being ready it is not funny.

Week two- I'm LDS aka Mormon and while I have a really strong testimony there is always room for improvement. So I'm doing spiritual boot camp: really focus on meaningful prayers, scripture study, fasting, temple attendance, and church attendance.

Week three- Read a book once a week. Reading is one of my favorite things. Since I already have a reading list for a couple of my classes and I'm going to get a head start.

Week four- Start seeing a mental health counselor again to learn mental techniques I can use to remain stable, at peace, and happy with myself. As I mentioned in this post here, I'm not perfect and I'm constantly striving to be better in control of myself.

Week five- Enjoy the great outdoors. Idaho has awesome outdoor activities. This week Adam and I are going to make time to go to Yellowstone. We live an hour away from it. It is ridiculous we haven't gone. If we have time we might as well bake ourselves to a crisp and go to the Ririe Reservoir and go cliff jumping.

Week six- De-clutter my life. No one tell Adam about this one! I want to surprise him and see if he notices. De-clutter means I am committing to getting rid of AT LEAST three trash bags of clothes, cleaning out our storage area, and donating everything that is not necessary. If I don't fit in them after exercising for five weeks, the likelihood of me fitting in my high school clothes again is slim (no pun intended).

Week seven- Relax. While I know that this may seem trivial for a summer break. I am not one to relax very well. Ask anyone who is close to me and they'll tell you how high strung and constantly stressed out I am. I am taking this week, the week when work starts getting crazy and new hires are being trained to relax. I am going to enjoy every free night with my husband like it's nobody's business. There will be NO discussion of work or school. We will watch movies, giggle, and bake. (Have I mentioned how much Adam hates it when I bake? Let's just say I totally wreck the kitchen for a lil while and he HATES it. At least he likes my creations...)

There you have it folks. I expect you to hold me to it.

Love, Evi

Friday, July 22, 2011

Letters To My Stomach: Dang you Pizza Hut!!

Dear stomach,
I know you are very pissed off right now. I understand. I know that eating a meat lovers pizza for lunch wasn't the best of ideas, but it was free!! Can you please take mercy on me right now? I know you are creating WW III just to protest the awesomely nasty pizza, but please... can I at least go to sleep? Or better yet, stop throwing up? If stomachs can communicate to other stomachs can you tell Adam's to let him throw up? You see, we are both sick and in bed, and well... rather pathetic.
Evi Figgat

PS I solemnly swear to never ever eat Pizza Hut again. [plus the announcer dude for their commercials bugs, right?!]

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Future. The Adult Thing-- it's tough.

Some days the future sounds SO appealing. It sounds great. Problem with the future is that it usually involves an incredible job for both Adam and I. It involves a great big house with a porch. Problem is to have that great big house we need to get jobs and try to leave college/grad school with minimal debt. That in itself is scary. This post is me facing reality and realizing that I am TERRIFIED. School is hard as is, but I've chosen a major where there really isn't a job market. I'm studying to become a teacher... an English teacher. Even worse, I've chosen to be an English Education Composite Major, which means I have no minor. I will not be certified to teach anything besides English. It sounded appealing, because I was too scared to try anything else and at the time thought I was good at English. I won't deny that I am still good at English (Still haven't gotten any form of a B in any of my major classes) but the problem is, is that I will have no other skill, which makes me less marketable. If I were to add a minor now I'd be here for an extra TWO semesters. Not okay. I am planning on going to grad school, which ups my marketability, but still I AM SCARED. I was doing some of my religion homework (here at BYUI we are required to take 14 credits of religion) and I found this little nugget of a quote... "Life is hard, but life is simple. Ge on the path and never ever give up. You just keep on going. You don't quit, and you will make it." Well that sounds great and dandy, but life is HARD and finding a job sounds SCARY. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be four steps ahead of everyone. Being ahead has been a great blessing, as of now I'm scheduled to graduate a year early, but the problem is I'm rushing through my education. If I keep this up, I will have my graduate degree at 23. SCARY. Plus what if we decide to start our family and I don't make it through graduate school, what about my marketability then? Plus, my dad may possibly kill me if I don't get my graduate degree (education is SUPER important in our family).
If you're a graduate. Please. I beg you. Comment with something encouraging, because I AM DISCOURAGED. This whole adult thing is tough.
Love, Evi

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday :)

-Falling for stupid internet scams. That was a foul by the hubby. He is hilarious. He genuinely thought that he had won something. Ha. Fool!
-Waking up to a knock on the door. Holy crap. SCARY! I'm in my underwear and of course panic will ensue. What if they walk in?!
-Peeing in the woods. Oh my gosh. Seriously? Camping last weekend... I should write a book, Adventures of Peeing in the Woods
-Creepers wandering into your camp. We thought he was a meth addict at first, turns out he was just a convict that had been released from jail that morning for two DUI's and had cerebal palsey and decided to cut "marshmallow sticks" with something similar to a sharp paring knife. Some of our friends had to take him the hospital because he cut open his hand and we think he passed out. Convict man who acts like a meth addict killed the night. Fail.
-Bug bites on your butt. While this may seem like a TMI, I know that everyone has been there. It sucks. It literally is the itch you can't scratch. Like I said, Adventures of Peeing in the Woods. stupid bugs.
-Finding out Jack on Lost is only four years younger than my dad. Creepy.

-Camping. We had a great weekend!! I'll do a post on it. Not gonna lie though it may be after finals. Sorry! Adam is a pro skill camper. Next time we are going to need to do some real cooking-- Spaghettios yeah. Nasty. Never again.
-Cliff Jumping. Yeah you didn't see that one coming did you! Yeah, I cliff jumped. Whaddup?! It was super fun and we had a great time. We went to the Ririe Dam. Idaho is SO beautiful.
-I love my friends. They know how to make me smile. A bunch of my work friends are leaving me at the end of the semester. I love them so much. It's funny how a year of working with these girls has led me to appreciate them and look up to them so much. I truly will miss them and their smiling faces.
-We made BOMB omelettes tonight Healthy and yummy. Sign me up!
-Diet Coke. Oh how I love it. I really do need to lay off of it.
-A whole bunch of awesome countdowns are going on. Eight days till Harry Potter at midnight. Sixteen days till this darn semester is over, which I'm halfway done with Junior year. CRAZY. Eighteen days till we go to Canada for one of Adam's best friend's wedding celebration thing :) it'll be way fun! I've never been to Canada. Have any of you? Eh?

Anyways, much love peeps.
Love, Evi

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Whatever the heck I want Wednesday

So YouTube Wednesdays are lame. Don't worry you don't have to tell me considering that I can see that barely anyone looks at them, so I'm discontinuing that feature. Sorry if you were like one of the 10 people that actually looked at it. So Wednesdays there is no feature. I am going to write WHATEVER THE HECK I WANT.
So today I'm going to tell you how amazing my life is, because honestly life is great.
I love my husband.
Last night I had a migraine after working on the first half of my fifteen page research paper. Let's just say it wasn't pretty. Just a few minutes after I crawled into bed my sweet husband decides to curl up next to me, tell me that he loves me, and ask if he can scratch my back as I fall asleep. Um can you say heaven? So last night I was able to fall asleep at 9:15 with my kind and loving husband scratching lightly until I fell asleep. The last thing that I remember from last night is a kiss on the cheek. How awesome is that?!
I mean when I was sick as a kid I'd get that kind of treatment, but I'm an adult and apparently I have the kindest husband ever. EVER.
I love him and I'll tell the world a million times over.
Our apartment may be messy, we may have dumb arguments, but overall we have it all.
I cannot and will not ask for better, because despite the fact that I'm sick all the time and the hubby is currently unemployed life is good. I am happy. We are happy.
Everyday I look back and think "Oh my gosh, we are married!" I get to have Adam as my husband for all of eternity.
Try not to be jealous, because seriously I have one hot hubby.
Love, Evi