Friday, February 25, 2011

The Rest Is Just Details

Today is finally Friday.
Friday the day of relaxation and tons of fun with Adam.
I'm down in Carlsbad and it has decided to defy its normally sunny disposition; nevertheless, today is a very important day.
Why is it an important day? It is the day that we were licensed to be married in exactly three weeks from today. I received my temple recommend last week and Adam will renew his next week and we will be set to be married... everything is just details. A quick wedding update. They fixed my dress!!! No, I will not post the new picture on here because this time the dress is the real deal. Stephanie (Adam's mom) helped me finish the favors! 20 days till I become Mrs. Adam Robert Figgat (and while the last name is subject ridicule, I really do not care). I changed my major again. I'm back to English Ed. I'm excited. We only have four more semesters and I can honestly admit I'm missing the good ole burg (but I do love California, don't get me wrong).
I could live like this forever, luckily in a few more weeks that will be possible and I'm really excited about it. Adam is doing great. He finished his internship with flying colors and we are crossing our fingers that maybe he will get to work for the same boss next internship (next winter).
Adam is a keeper. My family is comprised of keepers. My religion is a keeper.
As I said earlier... the rest is just details.