Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day 2012

Well, it's election day. This is the first presidential election that I've been able to vote in. It's quite exciting. I'm finding that tonight it is very difficult to focus on homework, because I keep finding myself checking the results. This election has made me focus on what my political ideals are. What do I believe is right? Which party do I identify with more? Ultimately, I registered as an independent voter. I'm pretty middle-of-the-road on most issues. Not because I don't care, but because I have been raised to be a free thinker. I've felt very grateful for the fact that I have grown up in family where all that matters is that you vote. I don't feel particularly tied to either candidate (Romney or Obama). Thus, I won't be particularly crushed when the loser of the election is essentially announced. Being Mormon, a lot of people would argue that a) I should hate Obama b) I should vote conservative c) I should pledge all allegiance to Romney. Personally, I disagree with all of the aforementioned statements. Plus, it nobody's business who I voted for. ;) In the end, my hope is that the elected leader of our country keeps in mind what really matters-- the people. As a religious person, I hope that God directs the hands of our leaders in the next four years. No matter what party you're apart of, ultimately, everyone poops.