Monday, June 21, 2010

Giggles, meows, lots of hugs, and wet towels

Today is pretty darn hilarious. I love who my friends are, I love my boyfriend, and I LOVE baking. Today I made my first attempt at homemade oatmeal creme pies. The actually cookie portion turned out wonderful, but just you wait... I went to make buttercream frosting and it called for ONE WHOLE POUND OF POWDER SUGAR!!! So, naturally I decided eh I can wing it. Well, the frosting I ended up with (6 eggs, 3 cups sugar, 2 cups powdered sugar, 1/2 cup milk, AND 1/4 cup crisco) I ended with a nasty flavored gunk that kinda tasted like cow udders. Yes, cow udders. Trust me I made all my roommates try it and they agreed. Anyways, naturally we did what any college apartment would do. FROSTING FIGHT!!!!! Seriously it was kind of nasty and well... REALLY messy. However, I have never giggled so much in my life. With premade frosting the oatmeal cookies were incredible and to top it off Adam loved it! He asked me never to make it again though cuz he knows we are going to be totally hooked and well get fat before we can even get married (because everything is about fitting into my wedding dress). Anyways, my roommate Kendra and I had fun and were especially after our towels were wet and smelled "udder frosting".

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