Thursday, November 11, 2010

My thoughts in regards to being engaged and getting married

First of all... What is my age again? Adam and I were talking last night and one thing that came up is that we don't think we will ever be fully ready to "tie the knot" till the day of. In all honesty, yes I am handling this all maturely (because for my age, I think I'm fairly mature) but at the same time I don't want people thinking that I am put together all the time. I come across as organized and mature. Here is the thing, I'm a mess most of the time. I'm excited and scared to get married.
I'm scared because it is a massive change. In 127 days I will be a) someones wife, not to mention for ETERNITY b) We will be paying our own rent, bills, etc. c) I will be living with a boy (after living with sisters for all these years and five girl roommates... that is going to be weird) d) I'll be considered a full adult. I'm not saying that I'm not okay with all of this, I think it is going to be an adventure. Nevertheless, there are always going to be worries.
As a general "so you know" statement. I am not organized. I am organized in regards to scheduling and planning, but not in the slightest when it comes to my room (yeah, I know Adam hates disorganization... it'll be interesting). Though, when I close my eyes and think about my priorities and everything I've ever wanted in my life, it is happening. Sure, it is not on the timeline that I expected. In fact, it is all occurring 5 years ahead of when marriage was planned (told you I like planning). Adam Figgat is everything I have ever wanted. To all those who are criticizing me for marrying at 20, riddle me this: If you had Prince Charming knocking at your door and your "happily ever after" taunting you behind that brass lock; would you not open the door and let that opportunity pass based on what the world thinks and your fear? I hope you are answering that you would open the door. All I am doing is what everyone has told me to do: live your life and take risks.
I know we are going to be poor. I know that it will not be easy in the slightest. Regardless, Adam is everything to me. I love him and I will tell it to anyone that questions why I am getting married.

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