Monday, December 6, 2010

102 days

So if you are around me you will notice that, well... I'm a bit wedding crazy.
I am just way too excited to marry my best friend.
I have officially accomplished the following:
I am having my reception at The Renaissance Hotel in Aliso Viejo

I'm having Flour and Flower Designs do my cake. (I still need ideas for what it should look like!!)And may I mention Davlyn Howland (cake decorator) is the sweetest!

I'm having Lisa Webb do my photos.
and we are having our good friend Natalie Affleck help with flowers.
Oh! and did I mention our colors are pink, grey, and cream. It is going to be great!
Things are finally starting to get rolling and I am getting more and more excited.
After fifteen months of dating, I really feel like I know Adam better than basically everyone else (maybe not his parents). Adam really is the greatest guy and I am so excited to be his wife, forever. If anyone has any ideas for the wedding let me know!!

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