Thursday, April 7, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

(Warning some are gross this time)
1. Farts. Not even going to elaborate on that one.
2. Realizing that you left up one of those "you have to be my best friend to understand I am not a pyscho" conversations on skype when the computer doc opens it up to find your deepest secrets spread across the screen.
3. Explaining to your dad you are out of shape, because you were on your honeymoon and did not exercise at all. Just to have some awkward random lady say, "Ya, sex can really take it out of you!" Uh... hello... can't you tell I'm running WITH MY DAD!!!
4. Laughing when you weren't supposed to. I'm sorry, I laugh when there is an awkward silence.
5. Explaining to husband that he is a LOUD snorer and a blanket hog.

1. Husband. Not even going to elaborate on that one, either.
2. Still dating after you are married! Went to Macaroni Grill with one of our gift cards... it was AWESOME!
3. Xbox Kinect. Can you say addicted? Because I can. So stoked we are bringing our big screen, xbox, and kinect (all complements of my in-laws) to school with us. Let us just say there are going to be some major parties up in the Figgat apartment.- neighbors beware!
4. Corned beef. HOLY HECK! Where have you been all my life? Adam's mom makes rockin' corned beef.
5. Staying up late in bed with my hubby watching Law and Order: SVU. Can I get hooray for not ever having to say good night again?

Love life.

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