Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Daddy Daughter Date: Springsteen Style

A couple weeks ago, I went to a concert with my dad. A Bruce Springsteen concert, to be exact. To fully understand how incredible this is, you need to know a back story. When I was eleven and really began to have a musical preference of my own, I used to ask my dad turn on "my music." My dad always replied, "Just one more song." Consistently, I allowed his request until what is known as the "seventeen-minute song" came into play. The seventeen-minute song was a Bruce Springsteen jam fest that always prevented me from getting to listen to "my music." Naturally, I began to hate Bruce Springsteen; hence, Springsteen became known as "Stinksteen."

Throughout the years, my dad went to many Springsteen concerts and with each concert he brought someone with him to enjoy it. This year, my dad ran out of willing concert buddies. This left my sisters and I with the duty to be dad's date.

Thus, I pushed my pride aside and decided to go to the concert with my dad. It was AWESOME. I rocked out with our parents' generation, ate cotton candy, fist pumped, sang, and maybe got a bit contact high. Plus, if it wasn't fun enough, I got to see my dad in an unbelievably happy state. Think ear-to-ear smile status.

My dad turns 50 this year and the realization that both my dad and I are getting older has kicked in. My dad was my first best friend, so seeing him that happy, bursting with vitality made me feel like we will never grow old.

And for that, seeing Stinksteen perform not just a seventeen-minute song, but a three and a half hour concert was worth it-- a daddy daughter date that I will never forget.

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