Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Update: I'm NOT dead. :)

So this lil' blog has been struggling. Why?
I'm in the second semester of my junior year.
Forgive me?
I do have straight A's (real ones, no A- on this semester).
I'm working really hard, and in all honesty I've been struggling with my health.
Being the neurotic slightly stressed out perfectionist that I can be, I have officially beaten myself into oblivion.
I'm trying hard to calm myself and not let my stress take over. But doesn't it always?
Life is hard, but here I am loving it every minutes... Almost too much.
I'm quickly learning that I can't be the perfect wife, daughter, sister, friend.
In a lot of ways, I've always known that. Yet, here I am admitting that I'm not perfect and need to learn to let go and maybe cut back on the Diet Coke.
Wish me luck.
I'm trying to get healthy because right now I am diminishing into the body comparable to a fifty-year-old.
One more month till this semester is over.
Oh and remember, this is my blog and I can admit, talk, whine, or pine about whatever I want!
Love, Evi

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