Monday, October 24, 2011

Kiss Me I'm So Not Irish


So basically every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Monday morning I am graced with Irish drinking songs.
There is a certain individual who genuinely enjoys singing them loudly, almost as if he is performing then.
I can hear him literally making his waking up from the bottom to the top floor of the Hinckley.
At first it was annoying, sometimes it still is; however, I'm learning to appreciate it and learn to laugh at his interesting songs.
It seems like he adds a new song to his lil Irish repetoire weekly.
The first song he sang sounded like he was saying, "a lively live ho, and toe and a pushel. A lively live ho."
He is totally American. He didn't have an Irish accent at the beginning of the semester. Now, the man has an Irish accent. What a character!
So here's to you Mr. Non-Drunken-Mormon-American-Irish-Man, thanks for laugh and the morning entertainment. Keep working on that accent!

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