Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Sin to Confess...

I quickly run upstairs, stomach growling, thinking out loud,"I hate slimfast." Bursting the closed door of my room, I flop myself down on my yellow comforter only to reach for my stash of fig newtons. I begin to eat one, enjoying the soft texture as my teeth sink into it. I enjoy it until the moment of sin... I looked at the calorie count and what did I see? 90 calories for every two cookies! TWO COOKIES! Now, the question I pose is who can stop at two cookies of anything? Oreos... I need at least three. Soft chips ahoy... oh yeah I need four. BUT FIG NEWTONS my favorite (even fat free) are 90 calories. After shoving six in my mouth consecutively I realize I've consumed 270 calories worth of fig newtons. There we go. I confessed my sin. Now I'm off to go do some sit ups. God of all diets... forgive me.

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