Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wedding Update

So this week has been productive...
1. I ordered the invites which can be seen at this link:
I love them, so if you hate them... don't tell me!! There was much debating that went into the whole process of ordering these invitations.
2. We bought Adam's ring at Zales. It's a plain gold 6mm band. It is totally not what we thought he was going to get, but alas he loved it.
3. Chose which picture is going into the invite and printed it at Costco.
4. Last week we met with the baker, who is AMAZING may I add. I am so excited to see my cake.
5. We decided finally on what our favors will be. Jelly bellies for everyone!! We ordered fifteen pounds of Jelly Belly jelly beans and we are going to put them into cellophane bags and create a topper for them. They coordinate with our colors and I'm really excited.
6. Still disliking my dress, very much so. Hopefully it'll be fixed by the time I get to Utah (everyone cross their fingers and pray it looks not like a t-shirt dress). Below is what it looks like right now. I don't like how it looks with sleeves and I feel like it makes me look bigger than I am.

Overall, I know everything is going to work out. Now I just have to get the invites and address them all! :)

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