Thursday, March 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Since about four and I repeat FOUR blogs in my reader posted a post about "Awkward and Awesome Thursday", I have decided to be a copycat and do it too. :)

So here we go...

-Walking out of your bedroom in your pajamas to find 10 construction workers standing in front of you...
-Undressing in your room only to find that you forgot to shut the blinds.
-Being stuck on a couch (while halfway sleeping) hearing someone in the room make out. (not to mention totally gross)
-Forgetting someone's birthday. (If you're reading this I'M SORRY!!!!)


-My soon to be husband calling just to say I love you.
-Uploading pictures that make you smile
-Cuddling while watching Law and Order SVU with my soon to be hubby (8 DAYS)
-Making yet another headband that I do NOT need. But it is so cute!!!

-Having a completely perfect bridals/groomals session with... dare I say it? My soon to be husband, Adam (haha okay I'll stop now).
-The fact that I am going through the LDS San Diego Temple for the first time this weekend.


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