Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding Madness

Okay. This will be the last post where I talked about the wedding (well at least till I get the pictures). I must, must, MUST break free.
That being said... here we go!!
My day was absolutely perfect. The night before my best friend, Emily Larsen, rolled into town and we got to have one last sleepover. I hadn't slept for the prior two nights, but having Em there really calmed my nerves and proudly slept for a full 7 hours. :) Talk about relief!
Then on top of it everyone was on time. I ate my favorite food (strawberries) for breakfast. Hair lady was on time and everything was good until I realized that it was 9:30. The exact time that I had to be at the Newport Beach Temple. I panicked and insisted that I drive us to the temple (trust me, it helped my nerves).
We met with the temple president upon our arrival and then I got into my temple clothes. We sat in the Celestial Room, quiet before the storm, and truly had a great private moment. It was so peaceful.
We were sealed at 11 AM and I didn't cry during the entire ceremony. I do have to admit thought, the only time that I did cry the entire day, was when we were allowed to hug everyone as they exited the room. The love that I felt was overwhelming. I felt love for my new husband, love for my God, and love for everyone in that room.
Next, came the slew of pictures. 2 HOURS WORTH. Gosh we died. We were starving, but I have a feeling that the pictures will turn out AMAZING (we have to wait a few weeks to get them back). We proceeded to go to the luncheon where we found out that everyone had waited for us for over an hour to eat. Oops!!
Adam's mom organized the luncheon and it was a ton of fun to relax and eat with our guests. It was good friend time and it was a ton of fun to have everyone I love in the same room.
We had two hours of down time, then started back up.
The reception was incredibly beautiful. Props to my mom, everyone who helped set up, and Natalie Affleck (she made all of the floral arrangements.
The reception was SO much fun. I was able to actually enjoy it. There are few things that people told me that ended up being true. One, you are starving. Two, you are exhausted. Three, you can't stop smiling. Four, standing in the receiving line is tiring. Five, it is the best day of your life.
Truly it was. I love my husband so much. I love my family for the wonderful wedding and support they provide.

For the list of vendors we used see below...
Photography: Lisa Webb
Videography: Benny Ek
Hair: Lisa Leming
Make Up: Laura Ek contact me for her phone number... no website
Reception: The Renaissance Hotel Aliso Viejo I would not recommend using them. They were difficult to work with and paid little attention to detail.

Let me know if you want to use any of them. I'd be glad to help out. :)

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