Friday, January 6, 2012

Book Review: A Long Way From Chicago

Hi Bloggy Friends! So I fell behind on posting book reviews. So here is book review number 2. It's on Richard Peck's A Long Way from Chicago.

Pages: 192
Published: September 1998
Genre/Themes: Children’s/YA historical fiction

Joey and Mary Alice Dowdel, two city kids, spend the summers in rural Illinois with their grandmother in the summers annually. This book follows their various summer vacation journeys. Grandma is nothing than less than a fireball and has a hilarious personality. She is a fighter. Some of their journeys and adventures include: finding a corpse, Grandma fights the Cowgill boys who were terrorizing the town, strong arms a banker into returning money that is not rightfully his, she even shoots a shotgun in her own living room. Over the years, the adventures with Grandma become more and more crazy and entertaining—they never know what Grandma will do next.
            The book is set in the Great Depression era and could easily be used to talk about rural America, the world wars, or even Chicago gangsters.
            This book is hilarious and very entertaining. Older kids and Young Adults will love this book.

Rating: ****
Recommended Ages: 9-13 (Adults will enjoy it, too.)

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