Thursday, December 29, 2011

See Ya Later 2011...Hello 2012!

This year in review was incredible.

January: The insanity of wedding plans are in full swing. It was SO much fun. I started babysitting some cute munchkins once a week, too. It was a lot of fun playing with them, too. 
February: We went on a trip to Utah for a ski trip. Adam's first Hayhurst family vacation. At this point, it was really nice to take a step away from the wedding.

March: We FINALLY got married. After marrying in Newport Beach, having an awesome reception with minimal snags, we snuck away on a Mexican cruise. Let's just say it was awesome. Once we got back, we were able to enjoy a few weeks with the family.
Adam's favorite picture from our wedding day
Please ignore my nasty sunburn and poor placement of headband. ;)

April: Within the first week, I ran the Warrior Dash 5k with my dad (not my best idea, considering that it was less than a week after my honeymoon). We flew away from the nests and moved into our first apartment together in Rexburg. That in itself was an adventure. At the end of the month, I went to Utah for Women's Conference (Our first week away from each other in a long time), and I saw the Carl Bloch art exhibit at BYU. His artwork deeply impacted me.
Yes, I am caked in mud. Yes, it was AWESOME.

May: Spring finally arrived in Rexburg, aka we finally reached 50 degrees again. We enjoyed a month of student life. 
June: Somebody turned 24 and it wasn't me :) Honestly, Adam's birthday was the highlight of this month. We went to Olive Garden and Big Juds with friends to celebrate! We also went to the lake A LOT. I finished my flag football season. Finally, I played in my first piano recital in a very long time.
Adam's birthday get together at Big Jud's aka the night I discovered I was lactose intolerant. 
Birthday Boy is hungry! We went to Olive Garden on an actual date for his birthday :)
July: We had the best Fourth of July weekend. We enjoyed camping and playing at the reservoir. The Harry Potter came out. Of course we went to the midnight showing! We finished the first semester of junior year (aka survived finals) and fell easily into our summer vacation.
Fourth of July Weekend. No regrets.

I dressed up as Bellatrix and Adam dressed up as uhhhh a creeper 80s man?

Showing off our dark marks

August: We went home! It was really nice, considering I was super homesick. We sure missed that California sunshine and the joys of spending time with family. We floated the river and I devoured the Hunger Games series.

Double date with Mom and Dad at the Angel's Game. 
My parents are adorable.
San Diego at Sea World
Oh hey San Clemente :) I missed you!
September: We ended summer with a trip to Yellowstone. I white water rafted the Snake River with my friend Lauren. Oh and we started school again... I visited Rissa (my lil sis) in Utah for her 19th birthday!

October: Halloween was fun, but honestly it was a stressful month.

November: We enjoyed our first Thanksgiving as a married couple in Rexburg. I was really worried about it, but having a relaxing Thanksgiving with Adam and the Hofmeisters was a blast.

December: We both survived the semester with straight A's! I turned 21 and we went to Nick's (my favorite restaurant in Laguna Beach) and celebrated with friends for my birthday. Christmas was awesome and we loved being in California with all of our family.

Bring it on 2012!! Even if this year is half as good as the last, it will be awesome.


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