Wednesday, April 11, 2012

That time that I turned 21 four months ago

My 21st birthday was perfect. 
The little celebrations leading up to it were awesome as well.
This big birthday didn't disappoint and truly helped me appreciate all of those who love and care about me.
First we went to Applebee's with Emily and Conrad. Both are long-time friends from our freshman year and definitely some of our best friends.

Then I had an actual, full-out birthday party!! First one since my eighteenth. I was nervous it would be a repeat of my eighteenth where a ton of people show up and then leave right away. It wasn't that way and we had a great time by celebrating with a white elephant. Let me just say this... HILARIOUS.

The Woods and I. We didn't have birthday candles, so we used tea lights. My birthday cake even had my name on it :)

Little Miss Olivia Ball. Love that kid, even wrapped up in streamers!
 On my actual birthday we went shopping! We were back in Southern California, so we went to South Coast Plaza. My dad didn't have to work, so he partied with us all day. :)

 Later that night we went to Nick's in Laguna Beach with the family. And when I saw family, I got to have both sisters, parents, parent-in-laws, and Chris, Chelsea, and Charlotte. This was the first time I met Charlotte after Chris and Chelsea brought her home from Oklahoma. A perfect birthday present. At Nick's, I got short ribs (FAVORITE).

I loved my birthday celebrations. It topped every other birthday for sure. While it did not involve drinking myself into a stupor like it is for most, it was perfect for me and gave me the opportunity to reflect on the amazing life I have.

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