Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Quick Update :) Dec 2011-April 2012

Okay, I'll admit it. It has been over a month since I blogged. 

I suck. 

However, I promise it was merited.

This last semester was the hardest out of my entire college career. I know that I say that every semester, but I promise, each semester gets harder.

Here is a quick update, and I promise to try to get pictures up ASAP.

Adam got an internship! After months of prayer for guidance and an opportunity, my favorite boy got an internship at Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG). This is a HUGE deal, well, because one it is an internship. Also, it is a Fortune 500 company. This means that maybe Adam could have a career there following graduation. His official title is the L.A. Live Marketing intern. BIG DEAL people!

He finished his classes strong and had a good semester. He became the Marketing Manager for Rec Sports at school, so he got to quit his late-night carpet crew job, which was good for the both of us.

As for me, this semester kicked my behind, but I'm happy to finally be home. We are currently in Carlsbad, but will be living with my family in Orange County most of the next five months, as Adam will commute via Amtrak into Los Angeles from there.

I took ballet this last semester, and I think my teacher kind of hated me. Granted, she is eighty years-old and still can dance better than I can, but I think that we ended on a good note. I finished that gosh darn awful Comm course and got to walk away with a few articles published in the school paper and a few new items on the resume. 

My health... A ROLLER COASTER. upppp, downnn, upppp, downnnn, downnnn, downnn, corkscrew of high anxiety, loop of sinus infection... You get the idea. My health got a bit out of control, but I'm feeling better now, with the help of a really good doctor. I finished my time as the Language and Letters Academic Discovery Center Office Manager (friggin long title). It was cool because it gave me the opportunity to look back on all that I've done there, and I really will miss my job. I'm hoping to either T.A. in the Fall or just take it easy and try to get into some great grad schools. 

Oh and hey, I passed the PRAXIS. I will be certified to teach in most states, with the exception of Virginia. Flippin Virginia. Two points, too short, but it won't get me down because let's face it, I AM NOT A Virginia girl. 

Last thing, I chopped my hair!! It's black and short. I love it. 
So my hair went from this
 to this
 to this!!


I'm so happy to be back home and spending time with family. However, we are REALLY going to miss our friends back in the Iceberg.

Now I'm done writing, and I'm going to go fly a kite shaped like a dragon with Adam!!


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