Thursday, July 7, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday :)

-Falling for stupid internet scams. That was a foul by the hubby. He is hilarious. He genuinely thought that he had won something. Ha. Fool!
-Waking up to a knock on the door. Holy crap. SCARY! I'm in my underwear and of course panic will ensue. What if they walk in?!
-Peeing in the woods. Oh my gosh. Seriously? Camping last weekend... I should write a book, Adventures of Peeing in the Woods
-Creepers wandering into your camp. We thought he was a meth addict at first, turns out he was just a convict that had been released from jail that morning for two DUI's and had cerebal palsey and decided to cut "marshmallow sticks" with something similar to a sharp paring knife. Some of our friends had to take him the hospital because he cut open his hand and we think he passed out. Convict man who acts like a meth addict killed the night. Fail.
-Bug bites on your butt. While this may seem like a TMI, I know that everyone has been there. It sucks. It literally is the itch you can't scratch. Like I said, Adventures of Peeing in the Woods. stupid bugs.
-Finding out Jack on Lost is only four years younger than my dad. Creepy.

-Camping. We had a great weekend!! I'll do a post on it. Not gonna lie though it may be after finals. Sorry! Adam is a pro skill camper. Next time we are going to need to do some real cooking-- Spaghettios yeah. Nasty. Never again.
-Cliff Jumping. Yeah you didn't see that one coming did you! Yeah, I cliff jumped. Whaddup?! It was super fun and we had a great time. We went to the Ririe Dam. Idaho is SO beautiful.
-I love my friends. They know how to make me smile. A bunch of my work friends are leaving me at the end of the semester. I love them so much. It's funny how a year of working with these girls has led me to appreciate them and look up to them so much. I truly will miss them and their smiling faces.
-We made BOMB omelettes tonight Healthy and yummy. Sign me up!
-Diet Coke. Oh how I love it. I really do need to lay off of it.
-A whole bunch of awesome countdowns are going on. Eight days till Harry Potter at midnight. Sixteen days till this darn semester is over, which I'm halfway done with Junior year. CRAZY. Eighteen days till we go to Canada for one of Adam's best friend's wedding celebration thing :) it'll be way fun! I've never been to Canada. Have any of you? Eh?

Anyways, much love peeps.
Love, Evi

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  1. morning knocks on the door are the absolute worst. there should be an understood rule that before 9:00.. ok who are we kidding.. make it 10.. knocks are outlawed. not cool.

    also. so ready for HP. there are no words.