Sunday, July 24, 2011

Seven Weeks to a Better Me [Intro]

Seven weeks from tomorrow I will be starting the second half of my junior year at Brigham Young University- Idaho.
Which is pretty cool, but that just means I have three semesters until I have my undergrad degree, do student teaching, then go to grad school.
That is fine and dandy, but despite how awesome my life is now, I know that I can be even better.
I have a seven week break and I plan on staying in Idaho for 6 weeks of it.
Therefore, boredom may ensue and I need something to focus on besides work and my online class.
I've chosen to make a goal for each week and continue it throughout the remainder of the break. So I'll slowly pile on the challenges.

Here is the plan:

Week one- Get in the habit of exercising again. I'm running a foam 5k and a regular 10k in September. I'm so far from being ready it is not funny.

Week two- I'm LDS aka Mormon and while I have a really strong testimony there is always room for improvement. So I'm doing spiritual boot camp: really focus on meaningful prayers, scripture study, fasting, temple attendance, and church attendance.

Week three- Read a book once a week. Reading is one of my favorite things. Since I already have a reading list for a couple of my classes and I'm going to get a head start.

Week four- Start seeing a mental health counselor again to learn mental techniques I can use to remain stable, at peace, and happy with myself. As I mentioned in this post here, I'm not perfect and I'm constantly striving to be better in control of myself.

Week five- Enjoy the great outdoors. Idaho has awesome outdoor activities. This week Adam and I are going to make time to go to Yellowstone. We live an hour away from it. It is ridiculous we haven't gone. If we have time we might as well bake ourselves to a crisp and go to the Ririe Reservoir and go cliff jumping.

Week six- De-clutter my life. No one tell Adam about this one! I want to surprise him and see if he notices. De-clutter means I am committing to getting rid of AT LEAST three trash bags of clothes, cleaning out our storage area, and donating everything that is not necessary. If I don't fit in them after exercising for five weeks, the likelihood of me fitting in my high school clothes again is slim (no pun intended).

Week seven- Relax. While I know that this may seem trivial for a summer break. I am not one to relax very well. Ask anyone who is close to me and they'll tell you how high strung and constantly stressed out I am. I am taking this week, the week when work starts getting crazy and new hires are being trained to relax. I am going to enjoy every free night with my husband like it's nobody's business. There will be NO discussion of work or school. We will watch movies, giggle, and bake. (Have I mentioned how much Adam hates it when I bake? Let's just say I totally wreck the kitchen for a lil while and he HATES it. At least he likes my creations...)

There you have it folks. I expect you to hold me to it.

Love, Evi


  1. I love this list! I only have 3 weeks off between my summer and fall classes, but I'm planning to do a lot of the same stuff. Especially the decluttering and reading!

  2. this looks like so much fun! Love BYU and BYUi my little sister and husband are both there. What an amazing place!

  3. This is a great plan... I hope it's working out well for you. Maybe I should try something like this. I feel like summer just disappears before my eyes and I never have enough time to do all that I'd planned!

    Anyway, I used to have that "if you're here, you're awesome button" on my blog. I love it!

    I'd love to have you guest post. I'm thinking of doing a series of interviews with other bloggers. I'm trying to figure it out and will be in touch with you once I am ready to go (within a week or so, hopefully).

  4. Abby that sounds awesome!! Just let me know :)