Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Whatever the heck I want Wednesday

So YouTube Wednesdays are lame. Don't worry you don't have to tell me considering that I can see that barely anyone looks at them, so I'm discontinuing that feature. Sorry if you were like one of the 10 people that actually looked at it. So Wednesdays there is no feature. I am going to write WHATEVER THE HECK I WANT.
So today I'm going to tell you how amazing my life is, because honestly life is great.
I love my husband.
Last night I had a migraine after working on the first half of my fifteen page research paper. Let's just say it wasn't pretty. Just a few minutes after I crawled into bed my sweet husband decides to curl up next to me, tell me that he loves me, and ask if he can scratch my back as I fall asleep. Um can you say heaven? So last night I was able to fall asleep at 9:15 with my kind and loving husband scratching lightly until I fell asleep. The last thing that I remember from last night is a kiss on the cheek. How awesome is that?!
I mean when I was sick as a kid I'd get that kind of treatment, but I'm an adult and apparently I have the kindest husband ever. EVER.
I love him and I'll tell the world a million times over.
Our apartment may be messy, we may have dumb arguments, but overall we have it all.
I cannot and will not ask for better, because despite the fact that I'm sick all the time and the hubby is currently unemployed life is good. I am happy. We are happy.
Everyday I look back and think "Oh my gosh, we are married!" I get to have Adam as my husband for all of eternity.
Try not to be jealous, because seriously I have one hot hubby.
Love, Evi

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