Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Future. The Adult Thing-- it's tough.

Some days the future sounds SO appealing. It sounds great. Problem with the future is that it usually involves an incredible job for both Adam and I. It involves a great big house with a porch. Problem is to have that great big house we need to get jobs and try to leave college/grad school with minimal debt. That in itself is scary. This post is me facing reality and realizing that I am TERRIFIED. School is hard as is, but I've chosen a major where there really isn't a job market. I'm studying to become a teacher... an English teacher. Even worse, I've chosen to be an English Education Composite Major, which means I have no minor. I will not be certified to teach anything besides English. It sounded appealing, because I was too scared to try anything else and at the time thought I was good at English. I won't deny that I am still good at English (Still haven't gotten any form of a B in any of my major classes) but the problem is, is that I will have no other skill, which makes me less marketable. If I were to add a minor now I'd be here for an extra TWO semesters. Not okay. I am planning on going to grad school, which ups my marketability, but still I AM SCARED. I was doing some of my religion homework (here at BYUI we are required to take 14 credits of religion) and I found this little nugget of a quote... "Life is hard, but life is simple. Ge on the path and never ever give up. You just keep on going. You don't quit, and you will make it." Well that sounds great and dandy, but life is HARD and finding a job sounds SCARY. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be four steps ahead of everyone. Being ahead has been a great blessing, as of now I'm scheduled to graduate a year early, but the problem is I'm rushing through my education. If I keep this up, I will have my graduate degree at 23. SCARY. Plus what if we decide to start our family and I don't make it through graduate school, what about my marketability then? Plus, my dad may possibly kill me if I don't get my graduate degree (education is SUPER important in our family).
If you're a graduate. Please. I beg you. Comment with something encouraging, because I AM DISCOURAGED. This whole adult thing is tough.
Love, Evi


  1. 1. Graduating early will be a huge blessing because everyone wants a super genius on their team.

    2. You're going to finish school! Even if landing that teaching job takes a while, you are more than capable of starting or working for a tutoring business - right now even. Some kids need help getting through school and there is no shortage of wealthy parents with kids who need direction.

    3. Keep up the good work. Remember to trust and rely on the Lord. Keep doing what you're supposed to be doing and pray for strength to endure AND learn from the trials and bumps in the road of life.


  2. Danny, you are awesome. Thank you.