Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fourth of July!! uhhh. finally... (and semester recap!)

Hey friends remember how I had to gear up and totally rock my finals and final papers...? Well, I totally did and since this is my blog and a record of my life... I GOT 5 A's and an A- for the semester!!! It is a flippin miracle. To all of you who are in school, you can commiserate with me in that some classes, you SHOULDN'T get A's in. Well my friends I rocked Eng 314 and I am STOKED. I may or may not have cried happy tears upon seeing my final grades. This semester was not easy and well, it was an adjustment period. When I got married I knew EXACTLY what I was getting into, but knowing and doing are two different things. So my first semester of married life I'll call a success. I am so grateful and incredibly proud of myself.

Now that I'm done bragging...
We had the BEST fourth of July weekend. We went camping with some friends and made some new friends! We went in the middle of nowhere (seriously, no bathrooms, no running water... it was rad.) Anyways, we just stayed one night, had a cute lil tent, ate nastyyyy camp food, played with fireworks, went to the Ririe Reservoir, and had lots of fun. I could go into a long winded story about how we were convinced a crack addict was in the camp next to us, long story short it was just a convict who had been released that morning... No big deal.
Overall, NO REGRETS!

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