Saturday, July 30, 2011

How to do a weekend right!

This is me getting distracted at the flea market. I saw a really cute vintage end table!!

Check out the spoon I found for my mom! Lately she has been into spoons. This one has Napoleon on the top :)

So first of all to report on the whole seven weeks to a better me thing, see this post here.
I rocked it this week and the hubs got in on it, too! We worked out and watched what we ate. We still need to work on not eating out as much. Let's just say that I'm sore from this week and plan on keeping it up. I'm way excited to report I can already fit my size 27 jeans again aka jeans from high school. Problem is I probably need to get rid of another inch to make it so the zipper doesn't pull. Have I mentioned that I'm trying to lose inches not weight? Anyways, it is going good. Next week is spiritual boot camp. I bought Jesus the Christ per recommendation of Adam. I plan on reading that and we are planning a temple date. :)

So our weekend...
Yesterday we went to the Farmers Market and got some wayyyy yummy cherries and blueberries. Last night we saw Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It was rad! We loved it. We were worried before seeing it that that they'd kill the series, but they didn't!
Photo found here.

Afterwards we were starving and went to Ramires and ate bombdiggity Mexican food.

Today we went to a flea market, thrifting, to the lake, and then I CLEANED. Yes, I cleaned!! Our room looks glorious. I reorganized our closet and took care of the pile that has accumulated in two different portions of room over the last month. I have a horrible habit of trying something on and then throwing it on the floor. It took two hours to clean up my clothes. Anyways, take a gander at my achievement.

Told you I had issues.
Have a great Sunday!!!


  1. that's awesome evi!!!!! it's nice for me to see that my closet isn't the only one that explodes every semester! i'll have to show nate so he knows i'm not the only one :)

  2. Yeah my closet usually bites the dust a couple weeks before finals, which is usually when I get sick and then never recovers till after finals. haha. I'd like to think it is a universal girl thing...

  3. jealous that you went to a flea market! i miss those!

  4. Cute blog! Love the flea market! You have some great organizational skills!
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