Thursday, October 20, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Have you ever noticed that Apple Jacks have way more orange jacks than green? What gives?!

Oh and Hi! I'm alive... Sort of...
Life has been insane, as in SUPER INSANE.
We are doing okay. Adam's IBC business starts up soon (the business program at our school requires them to form a company, create, get approved, and then run a business for a semester). As for me, work is ehhh usual. School is crazy. I've never read so many books in my life! My health is good, which is a nice change. Adam's health last week was less than stellar. He got a crazy infection and an even crazier fever, which scared me. Luckily, he is doing much better.

ANYWAYS, now that you've read the boring stuff... Here are some awkwards and awesomes to feast your eyes upon.

-Carving pumpkins! Our pumpkins this year are RAD.
-Watching the leaves change. There is a bright red bush near our complex that was totally green a month ago. SO cool.
-Figuring out that my boss' are okay with me not working a full fifteen hours next semester, so I don't have to find another one. :)
-That shirt in my pictures. I love me a little spark and shine.
-Naps aka the only thing getting me through this semester.
-The fact that in all of my classes right now I have 93% or higher! Mid-semester and I'm feeling good. :) Now let's just see if midterms kill my grades these next couple weeks.
-Hanging out with Emily and Conrad (aka Connie). They have been our friends since we started school here and they are super funny.
-The game Alchemy. If you have a smart phone: Download it. NOW. I totally made the Twilight Saga by mixing vampire and werewolf. Pretty funny.

-Falling asleep in class.
-Leaving voice messages. I really need to work on that skill.
-Laughing uncontrollably during our work meeting. Eyes watering isn't my best look.
-Complaining about the 4 hour GRE Prep class and then having a random kid come up beside me and say, "Drop out. Go into the military and get sick retirement. You'll get paid for the rest of your life!" I began to life and found that he was totally serious. I'm sorry, but I'm not military material.
-Having people come over to your messy house unexpected. Embarrassing.
-Tripping up the stairs in the Smith building. Again? Really?

Anyways, that's all I have. Life right now is awesome, but not that awesome or even awkward. I'm kind of just skating right now and looking forward to graduating in two semester after this.
It straight up blows my mind that we are both seniors soon.

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