Saturday, October 22, 2011

One Year Ago Today

Adam Figgat got down on one knee and proposed to me.
He asked me the question that I had so badly wanted to hear.
Thinking back it was the most perfect proposal.
13 months after we began dating he took me out on a super nice date.
We went to Olive Garden then to the Cocoa Bean Cafe, the place where we had our first date.
As we entered, I already knew that I wanted the pumpkin cupcake. No questions asked.
Adam continually kept requesting that I look in the display case and "see if there are any others that I'd like." Being the stubborn woman that I am, I said, "No. I want pumpkin." I guess some things never change. After physically pushing me towards the display case, I peered into the shiny glass case. What I saw in that case changed my life forever.
This is what I saw:

My stomach lept into my throat, quickly my heart followed. After several oh-my-gosh-like phrases, I turned around to my then sweet boyfriend who was down one knee with a shiny object in his hands. He looked into my eyes, shaking--I could hardly say it due to the nerves, but I said the phrase that would take him from boyfriend to fiancee, "Yes! Now get up." The poor kid was shaking like crazy. :)
I do not regret saying yes. I haven't for 365 days. One year later, I am even more sure that saying yes to an eternity with Adam was the best decision I have ever made. Since October 23, 2010, I have been blessed with a husband.
He asked me on our first date-- I was smitten. He asked to hold my hand while looking at fireworks, the temple, and moonlight-- he had my affection. He asked to kiss me-- I was floored. He asked me to be his wife-- he had my whole heart. And on March 18, 2011 a man asked if I'd have Adam forever-- he has my eternity.
Looking back of these last two years makes me realize how much life has changed for the better. So to my partner in crime and very best friend, I love you forever.
Thanks for making saying the big yes so easy.
Here are some more pictures from the big yes.


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  2. That is SO adorable! My husband asked me to marry him the very next day (October 24th) using DONUTS! Apparently great men and great minds DO think alike! Congrats :D