Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Orange Lunch and the Adventures of Vitamin C

So basically I ate an orange lunch today.
It was awesome.
At first I thought, "Hey! I would have loved this lunch as a kid."
Then the more I contemplated it, this is probably a good example of a poor college student lunch.
I ran out of lactose pills (pills that make it so I can consume dairy without getting sick).
This meant that my sweet mac n' cheese needed a substitute for the milk. As a believer in soy, I used soy milk instead of regular. Honestly, I think the soy tastes better in it. Hooray for a cooking win!
So the picture of the door/me pointing at the door...
The husband is SUPER sick, which means that he has been confined to our bedroom for two reasons:
1. The man needs to detach from the world, xbox, and computer so he can get better.
2. Anytime he gets sick, I'm in trouble. You see this is how it works: Adam gets sick. I catch the sickness. The sickness morphs into something WAY worse than he had. I become a huge nasty sick, germ-ridden, shadow of a woman. Not cool. So I confined him. I have had 2 vitamin C pills equalling to 3000% of my daily value, in addition to one Flinstone Plus Iron vitamin and two HUGE glasses of orange juice.

and there you have it.
My Wednesday in a nutshell.

P.S. Dad if you're reading this... Don't worry. I didn't eat the whole bowl of mac n cheese.

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  1. poor adam!!! that mac and cheese looks super good :) i hope you don't get sick!