Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Hey peeps!!
So I'm super excited for awkward and awesome thursday today because well this week was pretty awesome.

Let's start with awkward...
-Your neighbors seeing you in your towel dashing between the bathroom and your bedroom due to the fact that some unnamed hubby left the blinds open.
-The fact that BYUI has officially half of the campus under construction, thus making it difficult to get across campus in a timely manner. And because of that named construction crisis, being forced to run between classes in order to be there on time-- let's just say huffing, puffing, and panting DO NOT suit me.
-Most handshakes. I've been doing interviewing this week for work with my co-workers and there have been some of those, "oh, you're going to shake my hand moments." Plus think about it... sometimes hands are gross. I don't want to shake someones hand where I don't know where it has been!
-Losing things. Gosh that sucks.
I'm sure there is more awkward but for the moment I cannot think of any.

Here is the AWESOME:
-Nailed my piano recital piece tonight. Only messed up once, new record? I think yes.
-Getting wedding money months after getting married.
-I am HEALED. I can eat and drink and breathe! Hallelujah.
-Remembering enough Latin from my choir days to translate quotes from Robert Browning's The Ring and the Book
-Stumping your English teacher with your knowledge of literature. Never thought I'd see that day!
-Box full of fireworks to be used for our ultra awesome camp trip. It'll be Suhhhhweet!
-Having time to cuddle.
-Packages from family. The in-laws totally hooked it up this week with a tent, cheez-its, a totally adorable quilted table decor.
-Finding a bag of quarters. Can anyone say laundry money?
-Making that homemade bread... Ya, I mentioned earlier this week, but REALLY it was that good.
-Finding joy in your major. Can I just say that I love my classes?
-Only having 11 episodes left in the whole series of Lost. Not that I don't love it, but it's time to end it.
-Three day weekends. I'm looking forward to spending time the hubby and good friends. Wish us luck so we don't blow our hands off with the said fireworks Adam got earlier today.

Have a great and safe weekend!!
Love, Evi

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