Thursday, June 2, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!!

Here we go people, you know the drill...

Farting in public. Ew.
Talking on the phone to a friend, while at the grocery store and realizing you have an eavesdropper.
Forgetting someones name. Darn you bad memory!
Sitting behind two REALLY smelly people in one of my classes. Let's just say I intentionally sit so that there is at least a one seat buffer zone.
Feeling fat after eating pizza.
Getting out of bed knowing that the air is cold.
Not being able to remember the REALLY good awkward I had to tell... :(
Texting the wrong number multiple times and eventually getting an irate text message.

Empty streets in Rexburg.
Getting your food before the person who ordered before you.
Coupons. We got pizza, breadsticks, and 2 44 oz. drinks for $6.50.
Naps. Dang we have had some epic naps this week.
Actually doing some good through my job (I love helping people and not having to tell them bad news!)
Sleeping in three days straight.
Classes being cancelled.
Getting a post-it love note from Adam at work.
Getting a 96% on an analysis paper for one of my 300-level classes. Holla! (Small miracle I tell you!)
Celebrating birthdays (did I mention the hubby's is in 2 weeks! He has no idea what his gift is... *insert evil laugh here*)

Happy weekend people!!

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