Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Sun Fever

HOLY HECK! I cannot do my homework for the life of me.
The same thing happens every year...
Here is "The Sun Cycle":
Yearly Rexburg reaches above 60 degrees for roughly five months (May-September).
November-April are depressing months due to the cold, lack of tan, lack of things to do.
Alas, as soon as it reaches 60 degrees or higher, Rexburg comes out of hibernation and people are EVERYWHERE.
Everyone is on a longboard, bike, or scooter.
Sno Shack and Snoasis get a steady following and of course the inevitable happens...
Grades drop.
Furthermore, grades drop because everyone just wants to be outside and not just outside, but outside enjoying the sun (AKA not doing homework).
Thus, days like today.
I got out of class at 1:45. We went to Wally World to get me a "floatie," ya the ones that you can completely lay out on and float to your heart's content. Then proceeded to go to Rigby Lake to tan, float, and splash around. Following that, we might as well go to Target and get camping supplies for this weekend.
Thus the lives of BYUI students infected by the sun fever.
AKA: sun = a for activities
x= fun, y=tan, therefore. x= a + y. Can I count that for homework?
Happy tanning Rexburg!!
Love, Evi

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