Sunday, June 26, 2011


Okay I swear I've been super sick and haven't been able to blog much.
BUT I'm feeling better :) So to prove it here is a blog post I've been meaning to do.
Here are some pictures from this last week!!

Rigby Lake <3 We just discovered this lake that is fifteen minutes away. Since we don't exactly have access to the incredible beaches back home, we are making do with this sweet little lake that is close by. Plus it is rad because I started tanning. Just watch, I'll be black by the end of the Summer :)

I made baguettes today! From scratch!! I have never made bread by myself so I'm excited that it turned out and tasted awesome! I'll post the recipe for "Recipe Tuesday."

Homework break at Porter Park. It was the first day that I started to feel better so Adam talked me into leaving the house.

Organ concert that I went to. Lets just say it was INCREDIBLE.

We kind of have a snow cone addiction :)

Our cafeteria had corned beef and cabbage, my FAVORITE, it was awesome. Seriously, how many cafeterias actually feature food that not only tastes good but looks this good, too.

Rexburg has these gorgeous trees and I couldn't help but to take a picture.

Then I wanted a picture with the tree. Sunday outfit photo op!

Have a good Sunday people!!
Love, Evi

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