Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!!

Hey ya'll sorry I've been neglecting the blog lately.
Honestly, my life has been kicking my butt.
We just finished midterms here at BYUI and registration just started, which means work gets kind of crazy.
Life is good though. Just to update you and you are about to here about it.
Let's get started...

-Hickeys on married and non married people alike. Just because you are married doesn't make hickeys classy people.
-PDA. Oh my gosh. Okay so Adam and I are totally down for the quick peck, hugs, hand holding, and arms around each other; but, making out so we can HEAR it. EWWWW. The fact that I can hear you smacking proves you are amateurs at kissing or you're just sloppy. Either way, discontinue immediately.
-Hearing your piano fart during your lesson. Let's just say I tried to ignore it, but laughed immediately after leaving. (Realizing after posting that you made a major typo and meant to say "piano teacher" but yes it would be awkward to hear your piano fart)
-Forgetting to pull down my shirt after going to the bathroom. Sometimes I forget and now that I wear garments I can't feel the breeze. Geeeez. (Want to know what garments are? Click here)
-Having to tell a student at work they aren't quite ready to graduate... sorry...

-Flag football. Geez it is SO fun.
-Adam's birthday is Monday. Plans are made, cheesecake found, and he still doesn't know what his present is!
-Packages from home. I love it. Plus Adam got socks from my mom which means he can stop stealing mine!
-Corned beef in the cafeteria. Seriously, how fancy can ones university cafeteria get?!
-Spending two hours cleaning the LDS Rexburg, Idaho Temple. Seriously the most peaceful two hours of the last few months.
-The new X-Men movie. Both awkward and awesome, but way more awesome.
-Buffalo Wild Wings. I went twice last weekend. Let's just say I am hooked.
-Horchata. Yes, Winco sells it. Yes, we buy three cartons every time we go. No, there is no way in heck that we are sharing!!
-Getting three papers back from your various 300-level English courses. An 88%, 94%, and 96%... not too shabby!
-Big Juds TOMORROW. Don't worry we will eat a 5 lb burger for you all!

Have a great weekend people. I love you all. Remember to make it a great weekend.
Love, Evi

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