Wednesday, June 29, 2011

YouTube Wednesday

On this fine morning I am near falling asleep at my desk.
The only thing that is stopping me is well my boss is in the next office (aka less than fifty feet away) and drooling on a desk really is not the cutest thing.
So to keep myself awake I am playing this video over and over on silent due to the boss less than fifty feet away thing.
Okay so this one made me laugh really hard.
Apparently it's been around FOREVER, but really I don't care.
When I am old and even more boring than I am now I will look at my blog and gosh darn it I want to see this video. Maybe by that point I will be half asleep and drooling, because who stop a grumpy old lady from napping.
Anyways, old person rant aside...
Click here
to watch one of the funniest videos ever. You will not know if you should laugh or cry with him.

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