Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy birthday to my husband :)

So here is the thing my people,
I have failed at blogging for the last two weeks.
Life got crazy (i.e. midterms).
So the first thing to go was the blogging.
I'm sorry. Forgive me?
Anyways, some pretty awesome things have been happening.
One, I survived midterms. HOLLA!
Two, husband turned 24. Dang. That's old... (well I guess maybe I'm just young...)
Three, we have been on relationship high for the last week and for a couple that fights like old people and serenades the neighbors with our ever-so-kind arguing, that is a very VERY very good thing.
Four, I'm learning to laugh more. Who knew laughing was SO much fun?! It's sad that I can really only things of four times off the top of my head where I was laughing so hard that tears welled up. Well, my friends, that is changing. Let's just say I've made it a goal. (Fun idea from another blog... During my seven week Summer break, I am doing seven weeks to a better me. Just wait and see!)
Five, we finished season 4 of Lost. Yes, that is something to celebrate. Two more season to go and still SO many questions to be answered.

Now to move onto this post's main even... drum roll please...

This post is now going to be all about my number one, other half, best friend, confidant, partner in crime, and (insert all other rad nicknames for my hubby here).
Adam is awesome.
He loves the color blue, "black gold" (a nasty combo of dr. pepper, coke, and something else), video games, long showers, Mexican food (more specifically horchata and GIANT burritos), being outside, acting like a kid, being clean, listening to music and singing obnoxiously along, and best of all he loves me.
He is twenty-four years old.
He is frickin HILARIOUS.
He gives me kisses on the cheek every night as we fall asleep and inevitably holds my hand as I drift into my slumbers.
He loves to vacuum, just to make those lines on the carpet. Then he proceeds, every time, to say "Feel it! It feels so good!" Crazy clean freak!
He has a really strong testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and served a two year mission for our church in Ohio.
He is a REALLY good kid.
He is so good in fact that he is a sneaky little persuasive one. I swear he can convince me to do anything he wants, including countless snow cone runs and watching him play video games.
Overall, I love everything about this boy.
Happy birthday Adam.
You are the best.
Love, Evi

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