Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

I have some pretty amazing men in my life.
First man is my Daddy. My dad always has been and always will be the strongest and smartest man on the planet to me. Often times I find myself telling Adam facts and stories that I heard from my dad. Adam always says, "Where did you hear that from?" Inevitably it is almost always my dad; when Adam challenges what my dad told me, I google it... Of course my Dad is always right. We joke and say that I use the "Encyclopedia of Dad." Well my friends, I do. He edits my papers. He has a solution to all my problems, ALWAYS. He is a good listener. He gives super awesome hugs. He made my lunch every morning for 13 years. He drove me to seminary (a 6:30 AM religious class that occurs Mon-Fri) for the first two years of high school. He helps with my schooling and always pushes me to learn and do my best. He runs races me with me (5k's, 10k's... YOU NAME IT). He still treats me like his little girl and loves me unconditionally. Throughout my life he has maintained several roles as a leader at work, at church, and at home, but he has always made time for his three daughters. He took me out on countless "dates." He never forgets to remind me that I am the "Amazing Evi." Dad, thank you for the daddy daughter campouts, for being my date to the daddy-daughter dances, for being my best friend when I had none, for the tickle monster, bedtime songs, for putting on my shoes and tying them, for the countless angel's games I got to spend beside you, for teaching me what it means to be a strong member and believer in Christ. Thank you for being a powerful example and superhero. I love you Daddy with all of my heart. Wish I could spend today with you.

Second man is my husband, the "future daddy" in my life. Adam you are going to be an amazing dad. I hope someday, years down the line, you will read this before we have our first children and know that I believe in you. You have the heart of a child. I love you for that. I love that you remind me that it is still okay to play in the park, make s'mores, dance in the rain, and giggle. You are so strong and capable of all that you set your mind to. You may not be a dad, yet. You are a dad in the making. Please keep laughing, smiling, playing, and giggling. Keep tickling me like there is no tomorrow, because my friend someday you're going to need those skills. I love you.

Third man is my father-in-law. David, I may be the newbie to the family, but I know a good dad when I see 'em. Thank you for being a father to my husband. I recognize that without your compassion, love, kindness, and discipline Adam wouldn't be the man that I am married to today. You never forget to remind us that you love us and support us and for that I thank you. We love you.

Fourth man is my Grandpa Hayhurst. I know that he may never read this, but I think it is important for the world to know that I really do love my Grandpa. Sometimes he is a man of few words, but he has taught me a great deal. He has taught me how to respect my elders. He has taught me that it's okay to buy an extra donut and munch on it without telling Grandma. He taught me that singing Happy Birthday can make a person's day. He taught me the beauty of the mountains. He taught me that he is still my Daddy's Daddy. Without him I wouldn't have my Daddy. Thanks Grandpa. I love you.

So to all the other Dads not included in this post. Thank you. Thank you for molding the people who surround me into the people that they are. I love my life and the people in it and if it weren't for the daddys in my life, life would not be the same.

Love you all.
Love, Evi

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