Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!!

Hey everyone!! So it's that day of the week again.

It's been a productive and awesome week. So here we go...


-Snorting while laughing in class.
-Drama. Geez I could definitely do without it in my life.
-Tripping up stairs. Is it possible to get more and more clumsy?
-Word vomit. Sometimes I can't stop!! asdfja;sdjf.
-Having a stranger in your apartment. I know he was just installing things, but having a stranger in my bathroom and moving my bed is awkward.
-Kitchen appliances breaking in the middle of use. stupid blender...
-Boogers. Okay, boogers should be on a nasty list, but let's be honest here people... Boogers happen.
-Bloody noses after time travel... DANG YOU LOST. I swear we need to finish this flipping series.


-My midterm grades!! Yay! Looks like I'm keeping my academic scholarship!
-Cycling classes. I think I'm hooked. I only biked 14 miles, but hey that is better than nothing.
-Homemade horchata. Ya, we are legit and totally made homemade horchata. You may refer to me as Senora Evi!
-Clean apartment. Whoever said cleanliness is next to Godliness first must have been a GENIUS!
-Less than 24 hours till the weekend :) I'm looking forward to sleeping in.
-Frozen peas. Dear gosh.... SO GOOD. Adam even says, "Awww yaaaa" to this one.
-Finishing yet another analysis paper, it feels SO good to accomplish those suckers.
-Adam's birthday. I loved having an excuse to spoil him with a new video game (Assassin's Creed) and a new season of Flight of the Concords, and I cleaned the apartment, and made a cheesecake. It was fun.
-HOLY HECK we LOVE snow cones. I cannot tell you how many we have had the last couple weeks.

Well that is all for now folks. Let's see if I remember to post Top Five Friday!
Love, Evi

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