Sunday, June 5, 2011

A good friend of mine...

A good friend of mine warned me that when you get married things aren't as easy as you think.
Well, this week has proved that warning correct.
While I could easily whine and complain about how my little fairy tale romance sometimes goes awry, I would rather write how there is always a way things could get worse.
Sometimes the husband decides to rearrange the kitchen... at least he likes to clean.
Sometimes friends decide to not invite you to things... at least it leaves more time to be productive.
Sometimes you sleep through your flag football game... at least you got a nap.
Sometimes you get a bad review at work... at least you have a job.
Sometimes your classmates totally shoot you down during a discussion... at least you are getting an education.
Sometimes you burn your hand while cooking... at least you have food to eat.
Sometimes you feel alone... at least there is always God to pray to.

All in all, sometimes things suck. Overall, I am grateful for what I have and hope that maybe this next week will go better.

Love you all. Hope your Sunday is as beautiful and sunny as mine.

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  1. Oh the joys of marriage. Yes, reality is, marriage is tough work! But so worth it :)