Friday, May 13, 2011

[Awkward and Awesome Thursday]

Hello anyone who cares enough to read my blog!
So basically, blogger was down yesterday/this morning sooo that is why I'm posting Awkward and Awesome Thursday on Friday!
I promise I had it written all just for you... :)

Here we go!

-Walking from one side of the campus to other without knowing that my backpack had pulled my dress up enough to see my underwear. Yes, that really did happen and yes, no one told me.
-Telling the kid that came into work (I work as an advisor in the College of Language and Letters here at BYUI) convinced he was going to be president in 20 years that we do not have a specific major for that. I kept a straight face and am very proud of myself. All I can say, it'll be way rad if he becomes el presidente and was wrong!
-Someone talking to you from the other stall in the bathroom. Can't I pee in peace?
-Tripping into someone you don't know and giving them a flat tire. Oops!
-Seeing someone right after you cry. Yes my face is red. Yes, it is puffy. No, I do not want to discuss the cause of the recent waterworks.
-Zoning out, not listening to the teacher, talking to your friend about unrelated subject matters, and then laughing very loudly at the exact moment the teacher brings up a death in her family.
-Toenails. Maybe these nasties belong on a gross list? But, yes they are awkward. People in Rexburg REALLY need to discover the power of a pedicure!

-A quadruple date with friends :) BLOG IDEA: I'll do a recent dates post for ya'll. We've had a lot of fun lately.

-The show Lost (we're on episode 37! We started watching April 17... do the math!) We are obsessed. We love it. Secretly I'm in love with Jack (shhhh! Don't tell Adam!)
-The book Aurora Leigh written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. It is an epic poem- literally. It is basically a few hundred pages long. Oh my gosh, can I please be as witty and smart as Elizabeth Barrett Browning?
-Thirsty Thursday-- MORMON STYLE. We have place called Horkley's in Rexburg and on Thursdays you get a 44 oz. drink for like 70 cents; thus, Thirsty Thursdays Mormon Style. :)
-Flag Football. I joined an intramural team this semester with all of my work friends. I suck hardcore, but I love it. I'll be playing linebacker since I can't seem to catch the ball... :) Our team name is Victorious Secret. Isn't that rad!!
-Getting paid. *Please play "Just Got Paid" by N*Sync for full effect)

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  1. Amen to the peeing in peace!
    And I now have N*Sync in my head...Thanks Evi, thanks a lot! haha