Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why I Blog?

Yesterday on one of my favorite blogs she challenged us to blog about.. well... why we blog. I blog for a lot of reasons. Here is the list people:
1. It is so relaxing. As a writer I find this little site an easy way to express myself.
2. It is fun. I think it is fun to design and post pictures.It's also fun to see how many people visit my blog and read the comments. I guess it just makes me feel even more loved than I am. :)
3. It is a form of record keeping. Honestly, my journal... yeah, it has like 5 entries. All five of those entries are from high school. I haven't even written about the first date, proposal, going through the temple for the first time, or getting married. Nada. I suck hardcore. So this is the closest thing I have to a journal.
4. I blog because I love. I love my husband, religion, family, school, friends, crafting, music, food, and the color pink (I promise I love more than that, but hey it's what I can think of right now). Blogging helps me keep my gratitude in line. When I blog I stay positive (my blog is not one to be used as a "I hate my life" log, the very best things in my life go on here).

And there you have it.
I blog because it is worth it.
I hope you all enjoy reading my blog, I am always open to suggestions.



  1. Hooray! So glad you did this post!

    And I totally agree about the relaxing thing. Never really thought of it that way but it's soooo true.

    Blog on, girl. Blog on ;)


  2. Blog on!! Your love of life and others shines through. Reasons I read your blog are:
    1. I love u and love to hear your thoughts. You are never boring.
    2. Ur comments always lift my spirit.
    3. The world can always use a little more pink.
    4. Fun is good, and this blog is fun.
    Like I said above, Blog on!!