Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Ugly Truth About... College

Okay my college experience has been nothing short of incredible...
I met my husband
Have maintained a high GPA
Landed a sweet job on campus
and learned more than I ever hoped.

But here is the thing people... BYUI or any college has some bads that go along with the goods.

Homework. I seriously thought that I could skate by at my school and just party it up. However, this is what I quickly learned... Your social life, grades, and enough sleep are difficult to balance. You learn very quickly that it is usually your sleep that suffers.

In addition, I have learned that there will be at least one teacher every semester that decides to suck the life out of you, kinda like Mrs. Trunchbull.

Cafeteria food is one of two things... crappy or way too expensive. Here at BYUI it is too expensive.

For most of us one of two things happen: one, you really do gain the freshman fifteen or you lose weight because you're too busy to feed yourself. To those of you who have nothing happen... You suck. hardcore.

Other than that, life here are BYUI is pretty sweet.
Hasta luego friends!

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