Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Recipe Tuesday! and a little bit of insight.

Hey friends! I had a great weekend.
We played and hung out a lot.
I had so much fun.
Good things I have awesome friends and an incredible husband.
When I first started here people said that as soon as you get married you can kiss your social life goodbye.
In all honesty, that was a lie.
Sure, there are nights where I'd rather just cuddle up next to Adam, pop popcorn, and watch Lost...
Here is the secret: you choose your own social life. Your marital status doesn't determine it. You do.
I have been married for 2.5 months. If you ask who is my best friend first person to comes to mind is Adam.
Here is the thing, don't whine and complain how you don't have friends. Make them. (and that my friends, is applicable to everyone, not just the married peeps)
It's hard and awkward, but it is better to get out, laugh, and play.
Honestly, there is no point in wasting your youth on a couch with your husband or wife.
Believe or not someday you will have kids, then you will be stuck inside a lot of the time.

With that being said... Who wants to make my mom's AWESOME banana bread?

You will need...
5 large bananas
4 eggs
1 cup shortening
2 cups sugar
4 cups flour
2 tea soda
1 tea salt
Desire amount of choco chips (optional)
Don't screw up... JK...
Bake at 350. It’ll take roughly 40 minutes for a medium sized loaf in a metal pan. It’ll take 10-14 minutes for mini muffins (my favorite)—the speed that it cooks really varies with altitude and your oven with these. Don't forget to spray down whatever you are cooking them in- it sucks scraping these out of the pan.
This recipe is flexible if you have...
3 Small bananas—half the recipe, 4 shrunken bananas still half it- it’s better to have more moist banana bread than dry.

Good luck!!

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