Thursday, May 26, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday :)

Hey guys... this is Evi's husband writing because Evi got tired so I figured I would scribe for her. For starters... I am not an english person. Well, technically I am white. But what I mean is that I am really really bad at spelling. So i guess deal with it cuz I am the one typing. Anothoer thing about me... I have never blogged before! So you guys are pretty lucky to be reading this. Oh! I guess I have blogged before, but it was only for those online class assingments where you don't really do the reading and it is due at ten at night and it is like 9 30 in the Pm and you remember that you have to make a "blog post" on the discussion board. So you rush to your compy and read the other comments real fast and formulate your "own" ideas. But the whole time the only original idea you have is that the first person to post really stinks because they wrote so much and you cant think of a single idea for yourself... so yeah I have done a few blog posts, however none of them were at my own free will.

So yeah I guess that is a good start to Awkward and awesome thursdays..... those people that show you up in your classes....AWKWARD.

Awesome: your wife making tacos for you. even thought the ingredients are like the cheap stuff like western family and off brand things... coming home to a house that smells like tacos is AWESOME.... and a bit awkward too actually when I think about it.

Awkward: IRS people on the phone in the AM.... Evi had some bad times with them today. All I can say is 40 min on hold before an answer.

Awesome: OK she would never say this.... but the Modern Warfare 3 trailer was released this week..... SOOOOOO primo guys. If you ladies are looking to impress a guy, just watch that video and next time there is a dude conversation be like, "Oh have you seen the new MW3 trailer... That Macarov guy is one bad dude." Oh yeah.... AWESOME!

Awkward: I just asked Evi how many of these she does and she said like five each....... I will not be able to come up with that many..... AWKWARD

Awkward: typing the word "AWKWARD".... it really sucks to type. Like I have to stop and think about it every time... awkward

Awesome: I have to give a shout out to my home town Carlsbad. It is in southern sunny California and I just love living there. In one sentence, I would say that it is a quite surf town nestled in between oceanside and the ENC. AWESOME

Awkward: When people not from California or from California refer to the state as "Cali." (pronounced: Kal-ly) Oh this is soooo bad it is seriously like nails on a chalk board. I can not stand it. No native calls it that and just because people on MTV do does not mean that we do. So spread the word, friends dont let friends call it Cali. SO AWKWARD!

Awesome: Evi... even though we get in some spats I really do like her. I think I would go crazy if she was the type of girl who just accepts everything I say. I love ya Evi! AWESOME

Well that is it folks. I am gonna go play some video games cuz I think she is like legit asleep. See ya!

P.S. here is the video that I was talk ing about. Just watch it... it is only like 2 mins and you will be all caught up on whats going on in the world. click here

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  1. Adam Figgat posting on his wife's blog to get some marriage points. Awesome
    The Flower print background..... A little awkward for a man to be using.