Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday-Not-So Fun-day; but my weekend was great!

- Friday night dinner at Mackers (new for Mickey D's, Golden Arches, and McDonald's). Definitely had a giant Diet Coke. :)
- Concert at Sammy's!
- Eating Klondike bars... What would you do for a klondike bar?
- Going shooting. Yeah, what's up? I totally shot a 12 gage shotgun :)
- Napping in the sun at the park
- Eating BBQ at Famous Dave's (yummm. I swear they have the BEST mac n' cheese EVER)
- Having our first ever Winco experience! That place may be a wannabe Costco but it is AWESOME.
- Making bomb potato salad with Adam.
- Church. I love my religion!
- Going to a BBQ with friends.
- Watching my husband "borrow" one of his best friend's bikes! It was pretty funny.
- Watching like 6 episodes of Lost with Adam.
- Falling asleep to thunder/rain
- Adam modeling his new jacket... So cute :) Or should I say punk?

My weekend was AWESOME. Let's do it again this weekend, yeah? Only 4 more days people. Let the countdown begin!

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