Friday, May 27, 2011

Hola!! Happy Top Five Friday :)

So basically, I'd say the husband did a knockout job last night posting on my blog while I was drooling into the pillow (TMI? I don't care!)
Anyways, today's top five are the top five places that you should travel in life based on the places I have been. (Don't worry I have traveled A LOT)

5. Paris, France. The French really aren't that rude. Their food is worth it. If you get the chance go to Champs Elysees. We went during Christmas time and OMGSH the whole place was covered in Christmas lights. As I ate those wonderful chocolate covered marshmallows, while being serenaded by sounds of the streets, I fell in love with Paris. Plus, I got to see Versailles. It was AMAZING.
4. Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. This is where I saw Chichen Itza (when said out loud it sounds like "chicken pizza"). While this is an impoverished area it truly was BEAUTIFUL. Chichen Itza is a Mayan ruin, and it was incredible of how close their beliefs are with ours (other than the Mayan calendar and knowing when the world will end). In short, they were visited by a white man who taught them and then left and said that he would return again. In the Mormon belief our Book of Mormon is largely based on Christ visiting the Americas after leaving the twelve apostles in the Middle East. Despite the incredible scenery, food, and jungle feel-- The etching and carvings they have on the ruin itself of the man who visited them, looks like Christ. Call me crazy, but I think Christ visited Chichen Itza. Oh and by the way did I mention it is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World? Way rad.
3. La Paz, Mexico. I LOVE LA PAZ. It was one of the ports we stopped at on our honeymoon and we both fell in love. It is straight up Mexico. As soon as you walk two block back, you are in the real part of Mexico and not tourist land. We had the craziest street tacos there and despite my pro-skill Spanish I still don't know if we got what I ordered for us. Holla at Mrs. Sepe for teaching me how to order food en Espanol. We had fun walking through a real supermarket, eating "paletas" (aka BOMBDIGGITY Mexican popsicles). The beach was incredible,the people were fun, and the weather is to die for. We decided we could definitely retire there.
2. Edinburgh, Scotland. Adam and I, both, absolutely adore this city. It is truly incredible. I love it for its history, architecture, food, culture, fashion, weather, and way awesome places to stay. Despite the rumors that the whole place is haunted (there were SO many "haunted tours"), I found great joy in visiting here. We stayed in a bed and breakfast and it was AWESOME. We hiked the royal mile, ate in pubs, got rained on, bought Scottish apparel, visited a graveyard, and took a tour all over the country. Loch Ness was beautiful. This city definitely was a contender for my favorite place, but alas London won.
1. London, England. London is incredible. End of story. I have never laughed or smiled so much in life than when I was in London. I saw SO much art. The best museum was the Winston Churchill museum. In that museum you go down in the old war bunkers. Who would have guessed that they would be located right in the heart of London? I love WWII, so for me it was a history goldmine. The food- excellent. The people- hilarious. The shopping- A+++. The architecture- TO DIE FOR. I love everything about London. I told Adam if he ever gets a job offer in London or Edinburgh don't even bother calling to ask- just take it. I love the night life in London and the culture. I could vacation there FOREVER.

Happy Friday!!
Have a great weekend!

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