Monday, May 23, 2011

Top Five Friday that didn't get posted Friday!

So basically, I should be writing a paper about Anne Bradstreet's "The Author to Her Book" or maybe a post about my weekend; but, I really need to tell someone... anyone... how much I'm in love with my husband.
If you think this is whole lot of cheese crapola then discontinue reading... now.
I continuously fall in love with Adam. Every day.
We are SO young and so incredibly in love. Everyday gets better and better.
There are days when we want to rip limbs off of each other, but I'm quickly learning that love definitely conquers all.
It is funny-- somedays, like today, I swear I think about Adam more than I ever have.
I think about Adam more than I did the days before our first kiss, or the days we were apart, or even the days leading up to our wedding.
I think about what I promised to him, what I promised to me, and I really can't help but to keep falling in love with him.
I do not want anyone to think that we are finding this marriage thing easy, but what I am finding is that he is quickly becoming my everything. He consumes every free thought, every prayer, and every dream.
I was telling Adam the other day, that I really feel like we have been married for a long time but at the same time for the shortest time in all of history.
We fight like we are an old married couple.
We laugh and play like toddlers who crush on each other (other than the whole push your crush in the mud thing- Adam knows he would get in trouble for that).
All in all, I love him.
I cannot imagine life without him.
I find peace in knowing that we are forever.
If I die tomorrow I know I will have forever with him.
That gives me comfort.
He gives me comfort. He gives me strength. He gives me hope. Best of all- he gives me love.

On that note of cheese and crackers...

Here is a list of my favorite love songs...
1. The Luckiest- Ben Folds
2. Can't Help Falling In Love _ingrid Michaelson
3. Make You Feel My Love -Adele (First dance song)
4. Rhythm of Love -Plain White T's
5. Love Like Crazy -Lee Brice

Oh and Bonus song!!
6. Smile -Uncle Kracker

I love you all. I hope this post finds you well.


  1. Your number one was mike and I's first dance as husband and wife :)

  2. Looove Ben Folds. What a great list. Our first dance was "You look wonderful tonight" by Eric Clapton. A Classic. Loved picking out our music -even though it was really hard at times, too! Have a great week! Your blog is adorable


  3. Ben Folds is rad. It was SO close between that song and Make You Feel My Love. Eric Clapton is definitely on my list of awesomeness... I wonder how that one didn't even make the list for songs to consider...? Hm. :)

  4. I love the love! This is great. I've always wanted to hear about people who are married and keep falling in love. Thanks for sharing!