Thursday, September 1, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday & Surprise!

Let's just cut to the chase and tell you my surprise...


and even better...


I've dyed my hair before, but only on my own.
This time I pampered myself and not at the expense of my wallet (Thanks Paul Mitchell!).
Anyways, I feel pretty.
I got an ombre dye and just a trim on my hair.
I love it. I'll post good pictures tomorrow when I have natural light to work with.

The last couple weeks have been both awkward and awesome.
You ready?

Being mistaken for a high schooler... AGAIN. When will I actually look my age? Sure I don't wear much make-up, thus giving me the whole "innocent" look. Honestly, people... geez.
Lying in bed for HOURS trying to sleep and pretending to sleep to try to go to sleep.
Having my underwear peek out whenever I bent over at work today. I. Hate. That. You might as well have "Hi, I'm Mormon." tattooed above my buttcrack.
Frizzy braids. I hate it when I braid my hair. 7 AM-- it looks perfect. 10 AM-- not so hot. 1 PM- I get off of work and go home to see that it looks like complete bed head. So much for looking my best at work!
Gas and gas prices... I'll leave that one up to interpretation.
Knocking on someone's door, knowing that they're home, then feeling rejected when they don't open the door.

Finding out that aforementioned person who didn't open the door was actually in the bath tub and then not feeling like a reject.
My new hair. 'nuff said.
The stuffed bell papers I made tonight in el crockpot. I could live off of the couscous that I stuffed them with.
Waking up in my husband's arms. Gosh this married thing ROCKS.
The series Arrested Developmemt. We watched all three seasons on Netflix over the last few weeks. Totally hilarious. Any suggestions for another series to get hooked on?
The new bookcase that Adam built me for our living room. I'm in love with it and it was really fun to put our wedding pictures on it.
Pay day. Holla!
Going to the flea market with my friend, Lauren. Ya'll should check out her blog (click here). She's basically one of the most adorable human beings you'll ever have the pleasure of blog stalking. :)
Floating the river and seeing a flippin moose! Hooray for wildlife! Plus, floating the river= free and fun 2 hour entertainment!
The fact that my best friend, Emily (aka Em Mem Memily) will be staying with us this weekend! Hooray for a sleepover!
Anyways, I really should go get ready for bed. After discovering the beauty of going to bed at 9 o'clock last night, I'm thinking right now sounds like a good bedtime.

Have a fun weekend!
Only nineteen hours till my weekend starts :)


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