Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fashion Friday on Saturday... Work Attire!

Okay so here is epic fail on fashion blogging round 2. Sorry it's on Saturday again, but you know what it's my blog and my rules... so I'm going to stop apologizing now!!

This is a work outfit. By midweek I'm over being in uncomfortable work clothes. This skirt has made many appearances before and I'm pretty sure it is my favorite skirt. In all honesty, I'd wear it every single day if I could. It's feminine, it's floral, it's comfy, AND it has pockets.

Anyways, this is considered business casual but I love the colors and prints so I think it is blog worthy! :)

[Sweater and V-Neck: Target. Skirt: DownEast Outfitters. Shoes: Steve Madden (These are my favorite heels. Can you tell?)]

So there you have it. Fashion Friday is finished. Now get off your bums and enjoy the remnants of Summer!!

Love, Evi

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  1. Your skirt is beautiful!

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