Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Recipe Tuesday on a Wednesday: Baked Hasselback Potatoes

Hasselback potatoes put a fun twist on the baked potato. Once again I found this on Pinterest. Pinterest is doing wonders for my cooking skills and I know Adam sure appreciates it. Click here for the original recipe. This is what mine ended up looking like!

Okay so they're not super pretty. Forgive me I'm neither a photographer or a chef, I'm an average twenty year old. Adam and I had cheese on ours and Emily (aka the cheese hater did not.) I tried a bite of Em's and can honestly say they taste great both ways!

Here is el recipe:

You Need:
Potatoes. Cook to order. (Make sure you scrub them well!)
Olive Oil.
Garlic Powder.
Parmesan Cheese.
Chopped Chives.

How To Make These Beauties:
Your oven needs to be set at 425 degrees.
Slice each potato across as thin as you get it. The original recipe calls 1/8 in. between, honestly that was hard, so I just did my best. Make sure you are cutting within 1/4 of the bottom.
Do not slice all the way through or you'll end up with chips like I did.
This is where I varied from the original recipe, because I didn't want to make more dirty dishes...
Place the potatoes on the baking sheet.
pour the olive oil on your hands (don't worry it's a good moisturizer).
Rub down the potatoes, making sure you get into the slits.
Sprinkle on garlic powder to taste preference.
Do the same with the salt, paprika, and parmesan.
We baked ours with the chives inside, so take your chopped chives and insert some into the slits.
Bake for 38 minutes (ish). At this point if you want to put on a couple slices of cheese on top of the potatoes do it now (only if you have cheese lovers in your home like we do in ours!). Bake for five extra minutes or till cheese melts, if you didn't use cheese plan on cooking it for a grand total of 43 -45 minutes.
Take them out and enjoy!!
This is a new house favorite for us. :)
Have fun and good luck.

Love, Evi

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